Nicest thing Ever!

So, this week has been the official 'Be Nice to Emma Week' or something... It's weird, but great! :) So it all started on Tuesday. Tuesday I receive a call at lunch from Scott telling me to come to the Chemistry room. Odd. So I make my way to the room and I'm greeted by Zac! He had made me a card and tamales and pretty much it was the sweetest thing ever! Here is a picture of his card to share the happiness....

Then, today, I was sitting in my seminary class and my seminary partner, Kenzy, looks and me and says, "You are so pretty." Just like totally out of no where and it made my day! I was so touched! She couldn't have said a nicer thing to me! :)

So, in honor of Kenzy and Zac being so kind to me, I'm going to gloat a little and tell you why I have the best life! :) It's my blog, so I can. :)

#1.I am happy with myself, today. :) Every day it varies but that's the nature of girls, right? Anyways, I wore my boots today and they make me feel powerful so they got their picture taken. Also, I have this picture from last winter formal that honestly, isn't the best pic of me, but I love it, and so I'm sharing it. :) Plus a pic I took today in honor of being called pretty. :)


#2. I am a Toro. Ya, Mountain View is the best school ever. Don't even try, to say we're not, you will lose.  :)

#3. My seven best girlfriends {yes, there are only 6 in the picture, Jordynn is the seventh.} They are GORGEOUS. and we're all best friends, and I love it to death! Plus, we're all leaving to Utah tomorrow morning to go skiing and we're taking 'our boys' with us. Don't worry, there are no romances between the girls and the boys, we're all just friends. :) And we have chaperons going too. :)

#4. Ryan! So can I just say he's been an amazing friend and more?! :) He's one of those boys that you find and you know that even if your 'thing' doesn't last it'll still be a-ok because you can be best friends! Yup, that's Ry. He's great and super super sweet to me, which makes it even better! Plus, he does crazy things for me. Like pose with arrows in the street. :) 

#5. I got to to go to Greece with two of my very best friends this summer. :)

#6 Morgan Davis. She has been one of my very best friend for eons and eons. I love her to death because she is just genuinely herself and amazing and sweet and wonderful. :) I love her to death. :)
{p.s. I know I just posted this pic-get over it.}

#8. Zack 'freakin' Jarvis. So, he has a HUGE ego. And he's soooo annoying at times. Like really, I sometime want to shot him. But that's because he's like a brother to me. Trust me, his sister and I bother him sooo much. Anyways, he's a great friend. He lets me slap him and kick him in the shin when I'm really mad and frustrated and he listens to my whining and to my happiness, yup, he's a good friend! Just annoying-sometimes. {oh, he also doesn't care when I call him annoying/dork/jerk/gay}

#9. The fact that I can hang out with my friends without any make-up on and wearing soffees and a tshirt. It's the best. Plus, our boys could care less if all us girls did that every day. Aren't they sweet? Our boys are the awesomest. :)

#10. Last, but certainly not least, the fact that I am happy. So so happy. :) And this picture just embodies happiness to me. :) Plus, I love the girl in it. :)

Yup, that's life at the moment. I love it so much. Nothing can beat it. :) Well, I'm off to Utah! I'll be back to blogging on Monday probably! :) Have an amazing three day weekend!

Love Always,

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Fitz said...

Oh don't you just love great weeks like that! or i guess this cause it still is the week! and guess what? you end it with fabulous skiing in utah!! How great could that be? And no romances cause yes our guys, even though we sometimes do have our concerns, are so awesome! But pretty much this post just kinda made my week it was amazingly happy and postive! Love ya tons girl!!