Surprise Surprise

Sometimes, the best things come from the most spontaneous ideas.

Flashback to July 3rd. I was talking to my little cousin, Megan, and she was asking about my 4th of July plans. She thought for sure I would be spending it with my wonderful fiancé because, that's what you're supposed to do, right? Except when you're in a long distance relationship... Anyway, I was sitting at work when I realized I didn't have any plans, and really just wanted to be with my new fiancé for the 4th. I walked into Sophia's office and said, "Do you and Will want to drive down to Arizona with me?" After some contemplation, they said yes!

We hopped in the car that evening at 6 pm and made the 10 hour trek to Mesa without Zack getting any wind of it, which was impressive given the amount of phone talking he and I do. When we were saying our goodnights, I made him really worried because I told him he needed to leave his phone on loud because I might need to call him. Little did he know it would be at 3 am when I was standing at his front door.

The look of surprise on his face when he opened the front door was completely worth the 10 hours it took to get to him. I've never seen him so shocked or so excited! Let me tell you, if you really want to feel loved, surprise your significant other with your presence, you'll never feel better!

We spent the weekend at the pool, in the lake, and eating delicious food from Cathy (Zack's mom, and my future mother-in-law whom I adore). The weekend was just lovely. Not to mention, exactly what I needed, because this month apart has been torture.

The good news is this: on Friday, the wait is over. Zack will be here for bridals, and then the next weekend I'm in Arizona, and the weekend after that, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED. Talk about madness.

Life is beautiful despite the madness.

Love always,

p.s. For those who asked, here's a ring pic.


Morgan Davis said...

Just perfect!!

BronteCampbell said...

Your ring. Flawless.

Jourden Satterfield said...

That is so cute! Way to be spontaneous! Also, your ring is GORGEOUS!