Looking on the Bright Side

 We all have stress, right? right. (and if you don't...then the heavens sure blessed you). So my problem with stress, is that I never really (express?) my stress. Which sounds weird, but whatevs. Anyway, often, since I don't tell people how I'm stressing, I just stop stressing. Which is a problem, cause I should start stressing more (if I were a normal person). But instead, I just let life go it's path, and if it gets done, it gets done, but my body tells me not to stress over it, so it does. Can't decide if that's good or bad.... I guess I could quite simply call it,
looking on the {bright} side

So my stress/anxiety/supersupersuper worry recently is a little something I call my.....
yup. it's freaking me out. However, my dad I have a set agenda, plan, and method to the madness of (hopefully) winning. I just hope it works because I seriously want this so bad. I've wanted to be Student Body President since I first entered student council in fourth grade. It's just what I want to do and something I think I could do very well. But I have a fierce opponent, so the battle will be good. I've lost every election so far.... Here's hoping that the final one, will be a success. :) Looking on the bright side of things. :)

Love Always,
The Bright Side:


rachel schlappi said...

hey no worries!!
i lost every election from 4th to 9th grade twice!
thats 7 elections. lost.
but, i am still here.
so nbd.
and i'm sure you will win anyway.

who is the fierce opponent??

Kaitlyn Dwiggins said...

wow good luck with your campaign! how exciting!! you will do great. ps. you're gorgeous. xoxo