Top Ten Lists for my Valentines. :)

So, as it is Valentines Day, I thought I could honor my special little loves with top ten lists. I never got to their birthday lists so.... this is a make-up. :)
Hello, meet my very best friend Alexandra. 
1. Alex is ALWAYS there for me. She has never left me because I'm being a stupid teenage girl, which happens often. She is the most loyal friend ever.
2. Alex is probably the most talented girl in the whole entire world. She can sing, dance, play the paino, compose music, and balance homework all at once. It's amazing, I honestly don't know how she does it.
3. Alex is my Cafe Rio buddy. It's our favorite place and the official "Alex&Emma Food". It's NBD, the guy at Cafe Rio, "knows me". :)
4. Alex is frank. Which is good, because I need that frankness A LOT.
5. Alex is also my Jane Austen obsession friend. Nobody understands Jane Austen like we do. :) Plus, we fit into every single novel/movie and we love every single novel/movie of hers. Welcome to our Jane Austen world. :)
6. Alex is also a blogging friend, that's always good. :)
7. Alex and I have the best chats EVER. Our topics have probably the widest range ever, which makes every conversation new and exciting. 
8. We have to best Alex&Emma nights. :)
9. Alex isn't afraid to drive with me...even though we've almost crashed innumerable times.
10. Alex just makes life better. End of story. :)

My dear dear Becca. 
1. Becca and I have known each other since third grade and actually liked each other since seventh. We started off with a rocky friendship but now it's so fun and amazing.
2. Becca is a party child, but in the best way possible. :) 
3. Becca is my travel buddy. We went to Greece together during the summer and there could have been nobody better to go with. :)
4. Becca  knows what she wants in life and goes for it without any question. I love her enthusiastic attitude towards everything she does!
5. Becca has an amazing knack for being friendly and genuine with everyone she meets. The Becca you meet, is the one and only Becca. :)
6. Becca is an amazing trainer and loves to help all the Toro Athletes feel and play their best. :)
7. Becca and I are ward buddies and pretty much dominate Girls' camp no matter what. :)
8. Becca is spotnaneous and we can always find something randomly great to do!
9. Becca and I are BIKE BUDDIES! We love to ride our bikes to people to deliver the delish cookies that we make. :)
10. Becca is a true BYUite and I can't wait for all the fun college times we'll have together at the Y. :)

My little Sister, Jordynn Louise. 
1. Jordynn will do whatever! She is always up for anything and I love to have her around. :)
2. Jordynn is super smiley and I just love to see her smile. :)
3. Jordynn also enjoys Jane Austen. :) Although she's not a freak like Alex and I, she loves everything about  the romance and wonderfulness.
4. Jordynn is a great DJ in the car. :) She always picks the best songs. :)
5. Jordynn is the best card maker I know and she always remembers all the important events where cards are needed. :) 
6. Jordynn is super crafty and made me the cutest necklace that I love so much. 
7. Jordynn is so very kind to everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a creeper, or a super fun person, she'll treat you the same. :)
8. Jordynn understands all my crazy ways and loves me all the same. 
9. Jordynn is very hard-working and won't give up on anything. :)
10. Jordynn is my little sister. I love her so very much!

Last but not least....
Mr. Ryan Dustin Keeney
1. Ryan is an amazing violinist. I'm super jealous of his skills and determination to practice for like a billion hours. He's very dedicated and you can tell by how amazing he plays.
2. Ryan is one of my best friend and I trust him with everything and he wants to help with everything. He's a very very good friend.
3. Ryan has an amazing strength about him. He stands strong about what he believe in and will not lower his standards for anything or anyone. 
4. Ryan has a very positive attitude about life and has shown me what a true positive attitude is about.
5. Ryan is smart. Like so smart, it's unbelievable. It's also frusterating cause I'll study for like five hours and he won't study at all and he'll still do better than me....
6. Ryan has the funniest personality ever. Not even kidding! He just loves to laugh and have a good time and he can always make me laugh. No matter what.
7. Ryan watches every single chick-flick with me without complaining! I call it a miracle, others just call is weird. :) But hey, when a boy will watch Sense & Sensibility without complaining and then make up nick-names for all the characters so that he understands the movie... I call that pure amazingness. :)
8. Ryan is crazy...But not in a bad way. :)
9. Ryan has an amazing family who I absolutely love. Especially his grandma who bothers him about me whenever she sees him. hehe
10. Ryan is always there for me. And he'll do anything for me and anything with me. It's the best. He's super bomb and super fun and just super great overall. Quite simply, he's super. :) 

That is my wonderful top ten list. I love those three girls so very much, you don't even know. But I also love love love Valentines. Weekend recap:
Friday was spent with Alexandra at Cafe Rio and then watching the Olympic Ceremonies. :) Jordynn, Zack, Scott, Spencer, and Ben joined us about half-way through. All of my sugar cookies were gone by the end. 
A wonderful day spent with the family in downtown Phoenix at the Art Museum and then a yummy linner at Housten's. Followed by a fun night at escapade to the Scottsdale Super Six and Tempe Marketplace with Ryan, Naomi, Josh, Chris, Eric, and Aaron. However, we did not catch a movie at either of the places and instead drove back to Mesa to play Quelf at Naomi's. Ryan and I left a bit early for some great times watching the stars at our park. :) A great way to head into Valentines Day. :)
CHURCH! Oh how I love you. And Valentines. Maxwell is going to bring Cali, Melia and I our Valentine's cake. :) hehe. We're all each other's valentines. nbd. :)

it's a beautiful day! Go and enjoy it and tell somebody you love them! :)
Love Always,

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alex said...

AH emma I love you! only correction is that i haven't really been blogging lately... sad, i know. But i did start a journal, so i've still got the whole personal history thing covered. :]