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Sorry about all the linkage recently! I guess it's what happens when you're at your grandma's house without you laptop (bad move on my part). Anyway, this lnk is to one of my favorite bloggers old blog. But it's important- especially to girls. Which I am guessing is the majority of my readers. She talks about body image. Touchy subject- I know- but a HUGE problem. I am almost 100% sure that every single woman suffers from body image issues. How can you not? With everyone on magazines and tv talking about ways to lose weight and just looking at their pictures.... You want to be like them. And it frustrates me, personaly when I do that to myself because I KNOW that I am beautiful the way I am, but sometimes, the world gets so obnoxious in telling me I'm not.... Or atleast trying to. I dunno, it's a hard thing to talk about. But I once had a very kind friend tell me, "those girls don't have the perfect bodies. You are gorgeous. I never want you to think less then that." and it was a boy! So here's to loving ourselves! Who's going to stand up with me?!

Love Always,

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Makay said...

yessssssssss. EVERYONE struggles with that. It is human- and it doesn't help when people talk about you or your looks. I just had one of my MAJOR things fixed. My underbite- through jaw surgery. I feel better about myself, it feels good to drop an unnecessary insecurity. You can see @ my


You are so right though. We are beautiful. :)

LOVE, Makay