Top Ten {Birthday Edition}

Today, September 22, a wonderful person was born:
Zachary William Jarvis.
Aka Zack 'freakin' Jarvis the First
{pretty much the first time we met- my sweet 16 first date}
{On my Birthday date last year}

The top ten reason I like Zachary are....
#1. Zack is not afraid to put me in my place. I sometimes get carried away and he always puts me back in my proper place- even if I don't appreciate it at the time. Think Mr. Knightly from Jane Austen's Emma. 
#2. Zack is determined. He ran 400 miles over the summer to make up for missing a year of running and even though he broke his ankle at the start of the cross country season he is determined to run at state and I have no doubt he will.
#3. Zack is an eagle scout. Nough said. That's just straight-up awesome.
#4. Zack is really good with little kids. {whoah, sounds like a marriage list...WEIRD} But seriously! I spent a day with his extended family once and his little cousins ADORE him and with good reason! He let them climb all over him and played basketball for hours on end with them!
#5. Zack teases me. Everyone needs that slightly-rude-teasing friend.
#6. Zack eats all my treats. Someone needs to.
#7. Zack is learning how to play the piano. With a broken ankle he had some free time- piano filled that.
#8. Zack is reasonably tolerant of country music. That's a must to be my friend.
#9. Zack loves his family.  Even when his mom powns him in Monopoly.
but most importantly
#10. Zack is trustworthy. He is honestly the one friend I tell EVERYTHING to. No joke, everything. And I'm sure most of the time he could do without listening to my crazy, random thoughts but he listens anyways and gives me brilliant advice. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be friends with numerous people and/or never given other people a chance without Zack.

Here's to great a great friend
and a happy 18th! 

Love Always,

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Makay said...


Happy birthday bud!

BTW he is super cute. ;)