I'm supposed to be Asleep...

Instead I'm on blogger.
Go figure.
Story of my life.

it's not really.
Cause although I spend time here,
I don't spend that much time...
or so I tell myself.

Let me tell ya,
I really super love Morgan Davis.
If my computer loved me I would upload a pic
but it hates me.
Morgan and I spent the entire weekend together
Rocked my socks
Pretty much we almost peed our pants with laughter numerous times
and we had super creepers like every day
and it was awesom. 
Wish I could more fully tell ya all about it.
But she's my bffaeaeaeaeaeaeaea
and after pretty much 3 years of no Morgan
It was one of the best weekends.

Stupid Computer.
Jump in a river.

weekend was great!

Love Always,

p.s. yes, i watched conferance I just figured the 50 zillion other mormon bloggers will cover me on how awesome it was. Call me a heathen if you want. 
it's my blog. :)


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