Today I was redoing my board in my room and listening to my favorite church music. And my favorite song came on I Am His Daughter. It's from the new EFY cd and it bears such an amazing message, just in the title, even. To know, and to have known since I could first sing "I am a Child of God" that I am his daughter, has blessed my life in so many ways. The fact that I can have the reassuring love and comfort of my Heavenly Father always with me through the Holy Ghost brings me so much peace and happiness. It just makes me hold my head up a little higher whenever I think about it. 

So then I kept thinking...
And I started to think of all my amazing guy friends who will be leaving on a mission in one-two years. And they'll be serving for TWO YEARS. Pause, and just seriously think about how crazy that is. They'll be nineteen and they'll leave everyone behind to go and preach the Lord's gospel. Wait, pause. That's sooo not normal for a nineteen year old boy to do. But ALL of my guy friends are going to be doing it.... My brother and cousin are doing it right now! And to see the changes in them is amazing and truly testifies of the truth. Wow. I have to admit though, I'm going to miss all my friends soooo much. But no worries, I will not be picked up by a wife-hungry RM whilst they are gone. NO SIREEE.

And I really like this picture
I kind imagine it as Christ talking to all those 19 year-old boys, telling them why it's so important.

And I started my BYU application!!!!!!
My essays are being edited...
And once I submit them, I'll post them. :)

Ah, life is so good!
Look around and find five things that make you happy today.
It will not disappoint you, I promise.
If you're a real over-acheiver, you'll do 100. :)

I love life.

Love Always,

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Over the Rainbow and Back Again said...

hahaha there will be no wife-hunter RM to pick you up eh? Surprise me Emma. Great post btw