I love to organize things. Now that my dresser is completely organized, I'm going to go tackle my closet.... that means getting rid of cloths ans shoes which is quite a dreadful thought. But the absolute perfect organization of it will be wonderful. Organization is such a great invention, don't you think?

Now, if only I could get a fun day trip together.... Any ideas as to where?

Soccer game tomorrow. My boys are owning! The score of their game today? 4-1. Yup. Awesome. I was so very sad I wasn't able to go.

Phoenix Art Museum on Wednesday. Anybody care to join? Text me.

And lastly, I have music ADHD today... can't seem to settle on a pandora station so I went for the quick-mix.

And I love Vampire Weekend.

I'm going to end this discombobulated post here... Cheery Monday to all!

Love Always,


Tunes & Spoons said...

my hubs and i just cleaned out our closet last week!! its soooooo cathartic!

Rachel Lyn said...

Wait is that just a picture or for real your closet? Because that is ALOT of cute clothes you got there!