Oh my, A day Late!

I realized a terrible thing just now....

Yesterday was Zachary Xavier Velarde's birthday and

I didn't dedicate a post to him!

Fail much? I think so! So instead of a top 10, he gets a top 18 for three reasons. He turned 18 yesterday and he is number 18 on the soccer team and I missed yesterday so the extra 8 makes up for my utter failure.

Without Further Ado...

The top 18 reasons I like Mr. Zachary Xavier Velarde

1. Let's put the obvious aside, he's stink cute! Look at that picture! {or maybe I just make him look real good... But I'd beg to differ.}

2. Zac will drive my truck for me- always. I hate driving slash am pretty darn terrible at driving so I let him drive my truck whenever he is with me. He definitely drives it off campus everyday- nbd- he can pull of the pink-adorned keys without a problem!

3. I get to pick the golden spoon flavors- always. This is very important even though I pretend I wish he would have some say in it. All he says is, "no cake batter" which is a tad sad because I do love cake batter but, I can compromise.

4. Zac is devoted. This boy goes to church every week for 3 hours on his own! I definitely admire that about him because had I not been raised how I was, I don't think I would be going to church for any amount of hours by myself.

5. You've gotta hear his laugh- it's probably one of the funniest laughs I've ever heard. And he laughs so much! Which is good! Happiness is something I like.... obviously.

6. Zac doesn't quit... especially at cards. Which is most definitely a good thing because we all know I'm the queen o' the card deck...

7. He allows me to live in my own little emmaworld which is good because most people don't {rude}. My world is perfect, afterall, and everyone should live in it. Anybody want to move to emmaland? Our houses are beautiful!

8. Hugs=Zac's best talent. An awesome hug can change your day, don't you agree?

9. Although he doesn't really love playing keeper, he has been playing there all season and has been doing a marvelous job! He is also the one of the captains of the soccer team and I'm sure is amazing at that! {I don't necessarily know since I happen to not be a part of the soccer team...}

10. Zac treats his friends like they are his family. He cares so much about each one of his friends and is always making sure they are ok.

11. Listening is his secret ability. He is probably one of the best listeners I know. Which is very important because I talk... a lot.

12. He loves his mother. It's super sweet and precious.

13. Zac was the first person I saw when I got the news that my grandpa had passed away and he seriously saved me that day. I'll always be grateful that he happened to be walking to his mother's classroom at the same exact moment I was.

14.  Zac will watch chick-flicks. A necessary trait for a boy to be considered awesome.

15. Zac thinks everything I do is cool. Which isn't very hard since everything I do is cool... but I'm pretty sure he's the only one who tells me... even if he's lying.

16. Zac is half-mexican. 'Nuff said, bro.

17. His sense of humor... it's a tad odd at times but anyone who knows him would agree that despite the oddities of it, it's probably one of the best senses of humor around!

18. Zac slow danced with me in an empty street- twice. Yup. He's that amazing.

Well, Zachary, you are a most fabulous person and I have been so blessed to know you! I am so very happy you had such a great birthday and hope that you continue to have many others. :)

Love Always,


I'm Alisha said...

This was so funny to read. I do love zac also, and yes his laugh is the funniest. I think i laugh just because he laughs, but im not laughing at what was funny, im lauging bce of his laugh. haha know what I mean? Anyway, this is a great post. and such a cute pic!

Makay said...

AHHH! A terrible thing has happened! My blogger updates has randomly decided to delete you. :( Yes that's right... I have fixed it...

Oh, and yes, he seems spectacular- and I totally agree with the cute part.