14 Days of Love: Day 13

It's getting so close to Valentine's day that I cannot even contain myself!

However, Today, I love having extended family live near.

Sadly, I have no picture of them but I can explain.

The majority of my life {that being from age 2 on} I have lived in Arizona with ZERO no really- ZERO, zip, nada, nill- family in Arizona. Not even my great Aunt Sue that we kicked out of the family five times. NOBODY. So, recently my "family" {it's my mom's cousin and his wife and kids} moved to Anthem and I've never been more excited to have someone move here! Because now, we actually have family in Arizona! So today, I did a thing that I've never done before- Sunday dinner, in Arizona, with family. And it was amazing, and fun, and wonderful. I was treated in the spa by my nine-year-old "cousin" and got to play and hold my baby cousin and wrestled with the rambunctious three-year-old. Now my toes are pink, my fingers are purple, and my heart is content.

So, to all of you who have grown up with family close- be grateful. Yes, maybe Aunt Joanne is a pain with her constant talk of Uncle Edgar, or maybe your little cousins mistake you for a jungle gym, but family is such an amazing blessing, and having relatives close is an even greater blessing.

Today, I love extended family.

Love Always,

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