BYU Kills Me.

I, of course, am I fan of BYU admissions on Facebook. Any info I can get about when we'll find out about admission, I'll take. So, everyone is awaiting their letters of acceptance/declination (is that a word?) And BYU, having the great sense of humor they have, keeps posting things about being patient. So today, I did my daily BYU admissions page check and I find this....

Is that not the best thing ever?! I pretty much ROFLed.

And that's my story of the day. Just thought I'd share.

Love always,


Lauren Fine said...

You're supposed to find out within 6 weeks of the final deadline (AKA February 1st). So you should find out by mid March. Mr Pockrus didn't quite understand what they meant by "6 weeks." Good luck!

Alisha Scott said...

they told us the latest we would find out is feb 28th. its now going to mid march???