I have lots of goals. Let's see some of the really ambitious ones:

Be on Broadway
Open a Cupcake Shop
Be a Wedding Planner
Go to Paris on my honeymoon

But here's a goal that I just decided I want to achieve.

I want to be a member of the Teach for America Corps.
Teach for America sends great teachers into underprivileged schools with the goal of making the education gap smaller.
I went onto their website after hearing about it from the girl behind snippet and ink (well, on her wedding video, actually) and everything about it made me ecstatic to become a teacher.
Anyway, I want to be part of this program after I graduate.
The good it does can really change lives, and I want to be a part of that.
I want to help kids gain the best education possible because nobody should be denied a good education because their living circumstances place them in a terrible school.

Now I just have to figure out how to declare my major....

Love Always,


Karli said...

I just remembered in the last couple months that when I was little, the one thing I wanted to be was a teacher. And I got excited about it all over again. So now I'm seriously considering double-majoring in Vocal Performance and Elementary Ed. Hooray for busy college lives.

Kaylie said...

Good for you!! That is an awesome goal to want to achieve. :)

Amanda said...

Yay! I love snippet & ink AND teach for america! My fiance worked for tfa this year as the on-campus recruiter, so we're both super passionate about it. We find out on monday where he'll be teaching for the next two years! I am so excited!!!!!

I don't know if you already know what you want to major in, but if you really want to do teach for america, I would recommend majoring in something really easy where you know you'll have an awesome gpa and lots of service/leadership opportunities. That's all that really matters!

Anways, sorry for writing you a novel. I'm so glad you love teach for america. It's an awesome thing. good luck!