If I Could....

Were it possible,
I would bake all summer for my summer job
I would read every book known to man
I would have a beautiful summer romance
I would spend weeks on the beach
I would spend those weekes with my hand in someone else's
I would make all mean people nice
I would teach little girls to believe they are princesses
I would dance ballet professionally
I would live forever in a beautiful, enchanted place

And life would be perfect.

But life is quite as perfect as it is ever going to get, currently, (although I would enjoy some romance....) And I do adore it. Sometimes, I find that dreams are best left as dreams- for although they are wonderful to wish for, it is always nice to have a little dream land to escape to. And although some people are just horrid mean, I find that some people, like Dr. Temme, can take all the mean, negative energy out of the day by being so utterly wonderful. And that, truly, is a blessing.

Isn't it nice to look around and realize that life is wonderful?

Love always,

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