Clean Sheets.

My completely clean sheets are sitting one foot away from me....

I don't quite feel like making my bed, so I'm going to blog.

So here's the joyous things that have been going on. Whoever said that summer nights were long and boring did not hang out with my friends. We've been fully entertained till midnight every night and spent a grand total of about two bucks. Mega added bonus.

Here's some stories and pictures.
My family took a trip to California. Jake met us down there and we spent a fabulous day on the beach and in the ocean. Oh, I could live in the ocean.

While there we took Sarah (my brother's girlfriend) to see the famous Hollywood sign. This is what entertained us more.

I started nannying. My bag constantly holds my book of recipes, an apron, sugar cookie making necessities, five Dr. Seuss books, a plethora of movies and a prayer that nobody will kill each other during the day. (they never do- they're good boys)

We played the flour game at Joey's. Zack and Joey had a flour-off at the end. They were jealous of my awesome tic-tac-in-the-flour finding skills and had to try and beat me. Unfortunately, only everyone else has pictures of my entire face (not kidding) covered in flour. It was exciting.

We also played Badminton at Joey's. This is Zack trying to teach Caroline how to hit the birdie. It was... semi successful. Let's just say, I rock at Badminton. And Caroline... well, she's getting there. 

That's a snippet of our adventures. Hopefully I'll become a better photographer over the summer and then you'll hear lots of exciting stories.

Isn't life lovely?

Love always,

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