Oh Ya!

I graduated! ............. A week ago.... I know I'm slow on the posting but sometimes, I just would rather read other people's blogs than write my own. Anyone know that feeling?  Well, here comes a slew of pictures and stories behind the pictures so.... "Seat belts everyone! (honk, honk)" (that was a magic schoolbus reference if you missed it)

First off, we have the Choir Banquet. 
(captions will be below the pictures.
 I am always confused about where to put the captions...
 so i'm clarifying ahead of time... ONWARD!)

Calista Brianne Whipple. Love her. 
My phone calls her Calista BRIAN Whipple... 
Gets me every time.

 My life Support through High School.
Becca, Lindsey, Alex, Caroline, Me and Calista.
The Girls.
So lucky to be have 6 (Hannah isn't in choir but we still count her)
Girlfriends who are all so close.

Choreographers of the year! 
What an adventure it was to that award...
Three am choreography sessions not advised...

 The parentals.
Gotta love them.


 Oh... You get one picture I guess.
Be thankful- we took hundreds.
The Party Gang!
Me, Zack, Morgan, and Zac
(it's a Zac(k) sandwich!!)

Seminary Graduation.
Ya know what's funny?
My seminary diploma is bigger than my actual diploma.
Is that supposed to mean something?
 Three Amigos:
Jessika, Morgan and Me.
Been friends with this girls since Land Before Time was cool.
I'd do anything for them.

 The Former Greenfield Ward Girls.
We were ward buds from age 4 until April and then we got separated.
It was tragic, but good.

 All of old Greenfield! 
Love that second family.

 Three Amigos and Madres.
I really love this picture.

Actual Graduation (Finally).
 My Daddy. 
Words can't describe how much I love him.
But I think this picture does an almost successful rendering.

 The Movie Watching Friends.
We like to watch chick flicks together- a lot.
They're great and living a floor above Becca and I at the Y!
(With the 32 inch tv Lindsey won at the bowling party- boohya)

 The attack hug from my very best friend,
Mr. Zack Jarvis.
I love this picture.

 Still hugging....

 Oh, the cheese.
How precious.

 Zac(k) Sandwich! 
I love both these boys. 
Such amazing friends.

I interrupt this slew of picture for a story about these two.
Here's how this worked. I grabbed both of them before they had really seen each other and we took the above picture. Right after, they turned to each other and gave the biggest hug and both started crying. I was fine (no tears) until I saw this and then I cried. It was so sweet. They've been the greatest friends to one another and since Zack is going to BYU and Zac is staying her at ASU, they know it's kinda the end. But true friendship isn't ruined by milage so I know they'll always be friends.

 The Girls.

 My Little Sister- Jordynn. 
Second time I cried that night.
(hence my funky eyes)
I love Jordynn with all my heart and not being able to see her every day next year is going to be so hard. However, I know that her senior year will be everything amazing and wonderful and then she can join me up at BYU. Love her.

 Jonathan Lane Sanders.
My Carl at Sadie's and one of the greatest guys I've ever met. 
And my secret crush (not really so secret, actually) all through Jr. High and High School.
He's so stink cute and nice.

 Allysun Taylor.
My poster prodigy child and poster nazi team member.
I'll miss her like crazy 
but neither of us will miss Ms. Scott. 

Did you know that we had matching night gowns when we were little?
Both our grandmas got them for us and we didn't know we had matching ones (no our grandmas didn't plan it) until we had a sleepover one night. Just proves we were meant to be best friends for life.

My all-time favorite teacher: Tdag, Tmaster, Tswizzle, TdiggityDawg
Dr. Temme.
I had to go hunt him down in the orchestra room to get a picture with him- he's the only teacher I wanted one with. He has made such a difference in my life and I'm seriously going to miss his lame yet funny jokes and super dry humor. 
He's on my wedding invitation list and he better come.

Wow. Sorry that was the longest post in the history of posts. 
I'll reflect on everything later.

Love always,


Megan and Justin said...

adorable! congratulations!

Morgan said...

love love love it!!

Dahlya said...

These are such great pics of everyone! The pics of you and all the gals are SUPER classy. And you and your husband... huh? What? Who said that!

Rachel Lyn said...

Woah. I am obsessed really in love with your hugging pictures! I think they are the cutest things ever! Especially the one of you with your wonderful dad :)

Ally said...

uhm hello honey. i also love this. hahha and i ESPECIALLY love the pictures with you and mr. Jarvis, seriously my heart melted a lil bit. I adore you, lets stay in touch please?!