Summer, Part 2.

Recently, summer has been treating me well. 
I have one more day of nannying left and I am so excited.
And, two weeks from today, I will officially be living here....

With that girl, Becca Udall.
Am I excited? Oh heck to the yes.
In other great news, the two other lovely ladies in the picture below will be in our ward!
May I explain the greatness of this picture to you guys?
1. It's on the escalator to the show rooms of Ikea. (EXCITEMENT!)
2.  Alex's face. Her squishy face is how she attracts all the boys.
3. Lindsey glaring at Becca. That spritzer girl.
4. Becca just looks great and so it makes the picture wonderful.

Here are some exciting things that happened these past few weeks.
Alex and Lindsey got bedding at Ikea. Success!

We mad delicious oreo brownies at Alex's house. They were pretty much heaven sent.

I made cinnamon rolls and my mom discovered Instagram.

We had a wonderful Girl's trip to the JW Marriott Desert Ridge last weekend.
We pretty much spent all our time watching movies in the King-sized Bed all cuddled up in our wet swimsuits. This picture of Linds and Bexs is just too great for description.

We ate an entire Pazookie platter at BJ's in under five minutes.

We swam in the 4 acres of pool that they offered us.
And we had the most successful Last Chance trip ever.
However, to my disappointment, we did not find cute boys to spend time with at the resort.
But still, it was a grand trip! And everyone assumed we were college students which was new...
I guess we really are moving up in life!
Hoorah for college life!

BYU here I come!

Love always,


Bex said...

I have been waiting for this post! Good thing I check your blog all the time now......Creep status. I love you!

Kams said...

I miss Emma!! stuco is not the same. Glad to know your life looks like it's rockin. i love you!!