The Shower Caddy that Hates Me.

Here's something you thought you'd never hear:
Shower caddies are evil.
At least, mine is.

First story.
Remember at the beginning of the year when my razor
sliced my thumb open?
Oh ya.
Those were some good times.
I'm blaming my shower caddy.....

Then, it broke my face wash.
Thank you.

The newest shower caddy hatin session?
Breaking my shampoo bottle.

Do you have any idea how much of a mess shampoo makes?
A big one.

So here's the story.
My shampoo bottle broke yesterday,
so, naturally, I duct taped it and stuck it back in my caddy and back in my closet.

Bad idea.

Becca and I came in last night at midnight and I open up my closet and...
Shampoo, everywhere.

Shampoo doesn't just fall like water....
it gushes.
Kinda like how lava gushes from a volcano.

It got everywhere,
but somehow did not touch my cloths.
(Christmas miracle, anyone?)

We rushed like madwomen, getting paper towels,
using all our mini hand towels,
clorox wiping (bad idea),
and pretty much everything else to get rid of the mess.

Finally, it was all cleaned up.
This was the after math......
Ok, this picture does it no justice....
Our trashcan was brimming with paper towels,
all soaked in shampoo
and that caddy had about an inch of shampoo covering it.

Five shampooy towels,
100 shampooy paper towels,
and a very bubbly sink later,
it was all cleaned up.

Thank you, shower caddy,
for giving me such comical stories to tell;
however, I'd appreciate it if you just stopped
hatin on me.

Love always,

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Lexi said...

Oh no, thats horrible!!! Even though this post was funny, I do feel bad for you. That is no fun.