I'm sure I'll ever be able to express how much I love my dad.

All my life, I've been Daddy's little girl-
it came with being the only girl-
and being away from him,
I miss him so much.

I called him yesterday after a rather terrible day
and he reassured me in all the right ways that life would be ok,
that sometimes, life isn't as great,
but it always gets better,
and it is always worth it.

I know that no matter what,
he will love me-
and there are few things in this world
that bring me greater peace.

I'll always be able to call him
and ask him for help with friends,
or planning parties,
or boys,
or essays,
or my own self worth,
and he'll always have the right words for me.
He'll always reassure me,
and comfort me,
and love me.

I'm one of the luckiest girls in the world,
because he is my father.

Love always,

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