I love Harry Potter, a lot. One of the huge aspects that I love in Harry Potter is the reoccurring theme that love conquers all and friendship is one of the strongest bonds between humans. I think that oftentimes the word friend is thrown around a bit too carelessly. A friend is someone bonded to you in a  much greater way than an acquaintance, a friend is someone like Ron or Hermoine, someone who will return to you even though they hated you and your glory, or couldn't take a minute more of your idiotic ways; a person who will defend you to the world's end, and will stand by you in all your hardships.

I've looked around me at times, and realized that I'm immensely blessed in friends. I've looked around at other times in my life and felt like I had no friends by my side (oh how wrong I was). But now, I look around, and I wonder if I'm being the kind of friend that people need. I've come across people in my life that have helped me realize that sometimes, a person just needs a friend. A simple friend who will talk when needed, listen when needed, and stand still and hold them when needed. A lot of the times, it doesn't matter what your past is with that person, they just want you to be there as a friend who cares about them. That's all people really what in this life- someone who cares about them. So that's what I want to do this year- care.

Love always,

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