There is no greater word to me right now than that simple word. I've been home since Thursday and it has been wonderful. First off, I have my family and I am so happy to be with them again. Secondly, I have my bed. Thirdly, I have weather that I can love without a down jacket on. God created a beautiful world when he created the state of Arizona.

While here, I've been able to catch up with friends, sleep in, and bake bake bake! All Saturday my mom and I made about 500 gingerbread men for our neighbors.

They were so delicious. Most of them looked like normal gingerbread men... Except for the obese ones and the ones that looked like they were running away from something like this one.....

I found him rather hilarious. They all looked gorgeous and ready to be frosted but then my mom decided to hand the frosting over to my dad..... bed idea. Frosting is an art, and my dad is no artist. It's no wonder we ended up with gingerbread men in whitey-tighties and skeleton costumes.... Oh, and as cyclopses. Ya know, the norm....


Other than that, I've been in my iMovie studio finishing my senior year video and summer video, starting my first semester video,  reading The Wednesday Wars, and shopping with my mom. It's been enjoyable. 

We have a reunion with my ELP teacher in Wednesday and it will be wonderful.

Love always,

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