Date Nights are Happy Nights.

After a long and crazy week, I had a wonderful double date night with Josh and Sarah, and Jacob and I. We made pizzas, played some games, made cookies, came up with a story about Harry Potter and mummies, and then watched Raising Helen. It was a night of good things. 

Here's the thing, I love Josh and Sarah (and Jacob isn't too shabby either) so spending a Friday night with those three people pretty much made my crazy week all worth it. I love Josh and Sarah because they're so in love and so crazy. Of course, they got in a flour fight. Jacob and me, being the responsible ones, restrained from such silly things, and just made our pizzas- Jacob to perfection, me to satisfaction. And even though they made a mess, we really didn't mind, because we just got to laugh at them. I love those two. 
 The couples. 

 The responsible ones. 

 Sarah's heart pizza on the right, my odd shaped pizza on the left. 

So Josh and Sarah have these goblets that have the cameos of Martha and George Washington on them and I think they're the dandiest things. Jacob apparently isn't as entertained with them as I am, but that's only normal, I'm easily entertained. Regardless, they're classy goblets. 

Life is still happy. And even happier is the sole month of school that is left. I'm desperately waiting for the Florida sunshine that is just over the horizon. I can't believe my first year of college is almost up. This is crazy business right here. 

Love always,

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