Remembering Easter

In the midst of my studying and paper writing tonight, I stopped by my church's website so that I could look up a scripture for my Book of Mormon paper. 

However, I took a break from writing to watch this video that was on the front page and I'm so very glad I did for it helped me to pause and remember for a moment the beautiful and important weekend that is ahead of me. 

I am so grateful for this Easter weekend and for the opportunity it gives me to pause and reflect on that eternal blessing and sacrifice that our Savior made on my behalf. However, I am even happier that it gives us reason to fully remember that our Lord and Savior has risen, and because he has risen, we too can live again with him and our Heavenly Father. 

Love always,

p.s. go check out more of the new videos on the life of our Savior, here. They are all wonderful.

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