Sundays are my Favorite Days.

Folks, every week, right around Wednesday, I start counting down the hours till Sunday. True fact. There are a few reasons for this, but on top of it being my day off, it is also the day I spend going to church, hanging out with my roommates, skyping the parentals and other distant people, as well as (ideally) sending off a letter or two to one of my missionary friends. Sundays give me a moment to rejuvenate and step back from this jam-packed, crazy-busy, happy-sad life. They are like snuggling into your bed at home after a stay at a far away place, or a breath of fresh air in a smoke-filled room, or seeing your family after an extremely long separation from them. (<--That will be happening this week; so excited). Plus, there is nothing better than three hours of church to clean out your worries and know that Heavenly Father is well aware of your situation and loves you so very much. 

And that is why I love Sundays.

Love always,

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