From East to West is what the Bartons do Best.

Folks, in the last month I have driven from Florida, to Mesa, to Los Angelas, and then finally ended in Utah. Can you say cross nation traveling?

Welp, the family came to Florida for a visit. It turned into them taking me home early from Florida due to a family emergency, but we sure did have a great time together for the week we were there. Picture time!

Last week, we headed out to Torrance, California for a wonderful, relaxing, just-what-we-needed, getaway. The beach was the perfect amount of chilly breeze and warming sun, and I've decided that California is definitely on the top of my "I must Live Here" list. But in all reality, it was already on the top of that list. 

And now, I'm back in Utah spending the rest of the summer with Caleb and Bart at my grandma's house while she's in rehab for her shattered ankle. I've been down to Provo a few times for job interviews and while I was there on Wednesday, I went to the "Slytherin Common Rooms" in the Maeser building per Maeser's request. In case you're wondering, we found out about these bathrooms via the BYU Bathroom Blog, a personal favorite of mine. So yes, there is a bathroom mirror pic coming. Don't say I didn't warn you. 
These bathrooms are awesome and I highly recommend them to anyone who happens to be by the Maeser building at any point in their day. I guess you could also just take the long walk across campus but I think that's a bit much to use the bathroom... but whatever suits your fancy! 

So, just as a warning, the next post I post my be sappy and sad due to the fact that Mr. Ladd leaves on his mission next week. Wish me luck to sending my missionary off! 

Love always, 

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Karli said...

Good luck!!! :) Here to talk if you need it, because heaven knows I'm an expert at this by now. ;)