I feel like time is a funny thing.
It goes fastest when you want to soak in every moment
yet, slows down whenever you're counting every minute.
It frustrates me, but it also teaches me patience
and shows me that life goes on, and will be oh so good.

In another train of thought,
my dad wrote me a poem last night.
It was one of the sweetest things I've ever read.
Definitely made me realize that my future husband must write poems.
It's not even a "should' it's a must. 
I have the greatest dad on Earth.
I'm so incredibly lucky to be his girl,
he'll always be the man who loved me first.

Also, I love my parents.
They're so cute together.
I was looking through my mom's old high school stuff and found the cutest things.
She saved my dad's campaign things from high school.
And back home, they both still have the letters they wrote each other while my dad served his mission.
How sweet is that?

They are the cutest.
I love them.
Life is good,
time will continue to pass,
and I will continue to be happy.

Love always,

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Natalie said...

that is so sweet. so happy.