Personal Cheerleader.

Last night, we watched Freedom Writers. It was a stirring movie that really made me want to become an English Teaching major again (Jacob always teased me because I watch a documentary or movie and decide I'm changing my life ambitions.) 

However, as I watched, one of the striking aspects of the film was the relationship between Hilary Swank's character and her husband. In the film, she devotes a ton of time to changing the lives of her students and towards the end, her husband decides he's done and leaves her. Which is tragic. Sure, she was spending most of her time with her students, but it was her passion, and he didn't try and see that passion or be a part of it. 

This is what got me thinking about relationships. First off, they're ridiculously difficult. They take time, and courage, and patience, and just about every other virtue that is good to work out; relationships don't just fall from the sky all perfect and cheery, you've got to work at them. Secondly, in a relationship, you've got to cheer for each other. That's what I learned last night. I feel like in any relationship, your other half has to be your greatest cheerleader and motivator or it just can't work, and that part of the relationship has to go both ways. 

I'm no expert at relationships, but I've now added personal cheerleader to my list of qualities for my mister right. 

Love always, 

p.s. one month down, twenty-three to go. 

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Kaylie said...

I'm glad you're thinking about being a teacher again! I think you'd make a wonderful one.

I also agree that for any relationship to truly work, you both must be as supportive as possible of each other's passions and goals. If that's not happening, something is very wrong.

Good luck on both counts. ;) I'm sure you're well on your way to make both wishes come true!