Connecting with the Cousins.

              I've  felt really cool recently because my younger cousins started following me on Instagram. Which to most people wouldn't be that cool, but since I don't see them all that often, I feel really cool and quickly follow them back and like all their pictures. (I may be overenthusiastic about this all and be an annoying older cousin who really wants to be their friend but that's a different story...)

Anyway, the point of this blog post is how much I love technology and how much fun it is for me to be a part of their lives through such a simple thing as Instagram. It's actually really crazy to me still because I feel like there's no way they're old enough to even be on Instagram and Facebook but, apparently, I'm older than I think I am because they are. 

I love that even though I haven't seen my Texan cousins for two years, I still feel like I am celebrating birthdays with them. I love seeing pictures of dance and remembering what a fun time of life that is; how exciting life is from their view. I love that I can like a picture and comment and show them that I love them, even if it's just in that small way. 

Also, they better watch out because goodness knows that I'll start calling them when they start thinking about boys. 

Have I ever said that I really love my family? Because I can't even express how much I adore them. 

Love always, 

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Rachel Lyn said...

Um, i LOVE instagram! I don't quite have one yet.. but I know exactly what you mean how it connects family! My parents are so obsessed with it right now cause my siblings live all over and we love to see pictures of our babies all day. I definitely think it's strengthening our family love though :) So ya. I agree!