Getting to Know People, Again.

Tonight, I went out on a date with a boy who used to  be in my home ward. I've probably known him for... ten plus years? It's funny, I actually ran into him at church a few weeks back: it was the first time I had seen him since he got home from his mission and the instant I saw him, all my memories of growing up with him (including the memories of having a HUGE crush on him) came flooding back to me.

As we were out and about tonight, it was easy, it was comfortable, it was just as it should have been after having known each other for so long. Once again, I was reminded of how good conversation is. I remembered that it's exhilarating to discuss dreams, beliefs, and interests. I love getting to know people, learning about the books they love, the things they've experienced, the people who have impacted their lives. There are few things that bring me greater joy in life.

Life is pretty great, folks.

Love always,

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