Sundays are the Best Days.

I love Sundays in Paris. Even though they make my head hurt because I'm concentrating so hard on understanding the meeting (three hours in french with various accents is a struggle sometimes), it's a wonderful feeling to know that the gospel is the same all over the world.

After our first day of church, we went to Notre Dame because it's about two blocks from the church building (i know, right?).  The inside of Notre Dame is magical. I wanted to sing "God help the Outcasts" the entire time; however, mass was going on, so I couldn't do that #disappointment.

After, we wandered up the left bank to discover the Sorbonne and the Latin quarter, which, deceptively means Latin as in the language, and not Latin as in Latin-American; that was confusing for an Arizona girl like me. Regardless, it is a beautiful part of Paris, and full of a history of things like revolts, angry students, professor/student affairs, etc. Very French. Not to mention that there was an accordion player in the place de Sorbonne- can you get more French? 

We proceeded up the road to the Pantheon, got sad that we couldn't go in since it cost money and it was a Sunday, then marveled at the beauty of the building and the crazy ceilings. I have this new love for ceilings so I'm going to have to have an album of just ceilings in my iPhoto soon. 

 We concluded our wanderings at the Luxembourg gardens, basking in the sun and watching all the adorable French children push their boats around the fountain while some nonadorable French 7 year-old tried to wreck all the ships with his electric boat. Those electric boat people, they think they're sooo cool.

Aren't my friends cute? Anyway. We finished the day off with a welcome fireside at the bishop's house, which was beautiful. He thoroughly convinced me to come back to Paris and live. Sold in one minute. We also were fed delicious salads and treats including CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES which essentially, do not exist in Paris. This is a problem because they are only my very favorite dessert in the entire world. I'm a girl of simple pleasures, and chocolate chip cookies are one of them. 

You could say Sundays in Paris are lovely. 

Love always,

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