Fun French Facts.

After being in Paris, here are some things I've noticed about the French- things that actually live up to or challenge the stereotypes.

-they carry around banquettes
-they eat more cheese than you can even imagine
-they are very much into PDA
-they ACTUALLY wear berets (and scarves!)
-there is a distinct smell that you will smell at least once in your day
-to counterbalance the last one, everyone wears parfume/cologne
-Paris is more beautiful in the rain
-they do smoke a lot, and they start at a very young age
-the food is heavenly

-they are rude: I've met a grand total of 2 rude frenchmen while I've been here.
-they dress in all black (they do wear a lot of neutrals, but also a lot of color!)
-they eat snails all the time
-they hate Americans

There you have it. Paris stereotypes in a nutshell.

Love always,


abigail louise said...

so cute! i am dying to go there! you are darling.

Jennie Grange said...

I want to go there SO bad! very very cute! xo

My name is Lydia said...

haha YES! this is perfect. 1) i love that picture of the eiffel tower. 2) perfect list of true and false stereotypes. it is true that they are really into pda, but i kind of found it adds to the romantic nature of france :)