A Semester Ago

A semester ago, I blogged about my favorite part of my study abroad in Paris. Now, I'm at the end of Winter Semester and I haven't blogged once. Luckily, best friends are the best motivators. That's why I keep Morgan around- to motivate me with comments like this:
So, here I am. Blogging. 

How do you recapture an entire semester in one blog post? 
You don't. 
Here are some highlights. 

1. I'm obsessed with my major. I know I say that a lot, but this semester has been the semester where I realized I want to actually just stay in the English department and take all the fun classes for the rest of my life. Although I actually don't want to be in school forever. Maybe just for a master's... maybe in creative writing? Yikes. That's an idea. 

2. I applied to Teach for America. And got a final interview. And will find out if I'm in the program on May 5th. So I will keep you up to date on that. 

3. Sophia and William got married. I am obsessed with them. They are my favorite couple and their wedding was so beautiful. I'm in love with them. 

4. Caleb and Paige got married (over Christmas break) and it was also lovely. And included Disneyland with the fam- which is always a bonus because I'm a bit obsessed with Disneyland, and I'm obsessed with my little cousin Molly who spent a lot of time with me in Disneyland. And maybe, just maybe I cried during Mickey's Magical Map. 

5. I literally have the best roommates ever. And we love each other. And partying. And it's magical. And Catherine lives in our apartment, essentially, and we are ok with that. 

Yes, Life is good. It's really good. 

I'll start blogging again. Promise. 

Love always, 

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