What's not to Love?

Life is just darn beautiful. While being engaged has its moments of craziness, at the end of the day, when Zack calls me, and we get to catch up and just talk, every crazy moment slips away into pure bliss, because I am reminded that I'm marrying my best friend, and what's not to love about that? And whenever I get on Facebook, I make sure to go to his page, because seeing this:
makes me so happy. 

Something else I can't help but love: baby pictures of Zack. I'm making the traditional movie of the two of us through the years, and he recently sent me a handful of baby Zack pictures that I'm now obsessed with because he's almost too cute to handle. I mean, I know he's really good looking now, but childhood Zack is just adorable. Have a look:

Adorable, I tell ya.

Anyway, in news unrelated to engagement bliss, this weekend was spent in Sophia's classroom, helping her decorate it for the upcoming fall semester. Her classroom has also become one of my new obsessions, because it is also adorable, and we've put a lot of work in it. Helping her made me think that maybe I missed my calling in life and should be teaching, but I've realized I have a problem where I just want to do everything and can't. I want to be a teacher, a social media guru, an event planner, a medical assistant, etc. and there simply is not time in this life to do every profession I find interesting. I guess the good news is that above all those, I really do want to be a mom, and luckily, I'll be able to. Boohya.

Life is wonderful.

Love always,

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