The Draught is Over & Two Weeks to Go.

This weekend was a good weekend, because after a month of separation (the draught as Zack likes to call it), Zachary and I were finally reunited on Friday. I woke up at 8 in the morning, despite the fact that I could have slept in, and since I still had about 4 hours till Zachary came. A car repair, car wash, and chat with Chris later, Zack called me as he stood outside of my apartment. I practically ran home from campus, walked inside my apartment, and there he was, sitting on my couch. Oh, glorious reunion.

First on our agenda was getting a license to wed. Which was slightly more difficult than one would expect because Zack kept saying his answers out loud while I was trying to fill out my own answers. However, we were successful, and could now run away to get married if we wanted to, but we won't because, two weeks.

After some moving, it was time to get ready for bridals. We took them at the state capitol, and it really was so much fun. I love our photographer Jalene, she is simply amazing! Here's a little sneak peek that my lovely bridesmaid, Jessika, captured. She was a gem coming to help us out all evening. 

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out at the Jarvis family reunion. I loved getting to meet the extended family and really feel so blessed to be joining such an incredible family. And a fun one, too!

They headed home today, but luckily, we only have to wait till Thursday to see each other again. And then till the next Thursday, and then we are married, because two weeks. Two weeks, people.

Love always,

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