Let's Play Catch Up

Catch Up time!!!
Um... well, school is back in session.
NOT so fun!
But it's good to see all my friends!
Gotta {HEART} them! :)
So... end of summer
OUR BOYS hosted a quiditch match!
So fun, right??
Ya, they're amazing! :)
That's where the pic is from....
Aren't we all so cute?
What else???
Homecoming is coming and...
I'm going with Maeser Allen!
He's basically one of my best friends and I love him to death!
Three cheers for Maeser!!!
Life is busy but of so sweet!
I love everything aabout it...
like seriously! :)
I especially like when people do extra sweet things for you...
hehe. :)
And I love weekends of only girls! :)
Top ten currently:
1. Family
2. Girlfriends :)
3. SKYPE!!!
4. Journals
5. Chorale
6. Stuco
7. New Friends!
8. TayTay
10. MY BLOG!!!
Yipee for top ten!!!!!
Did you notice boys arn't on there?
Most are stupid..... :)
But not all... especially if they live out west...
hehehe. That's it!

1 comment:

Fitz said...

SOOOOO...pretty much i love you, and this! ha great way to procrastinate! same feelings for everything pretty much! my favorite line (and no offense to them) is "Did you notice boys aren't on there? Most are stupid.....:)!" Hahaha idk why it really just made me sit here and laugh forever!