Late Start...Um Ya...Not so much

Remember the good 'ole days when late start actually was a
ya... not so much these days!
This morning I got up at five am!
Very un-late-start-ish.
But whatevs! I went to the gym so it's all okay! :)
Then I came home and did my favorite thing in the world!!!
Chemistry Homework!
So that's been my late start morning....
But on to
and much much better news!!!
Last night my pops came home with our new/old/used
Yup.. pretty much sickest thing of my life! :)
Sad thing they're taking it up to the BYU boys...
Roxanne will be coming home!
Oh how I have missed her!
But now my mad stick-shift driving skills will be useless....
I must admit, for doing it for like ten minutes... I'm pretty good! :)
Pops, Momsies, a friendy and I went joy riding last night in the Mustang...
Momsies was freaking out cause Pops has a little tooo much fun driving that thing!
And friendy called his mom cause he was 'living his dream'! haha
Oh, joyous times, joyous times. :)
Almost school time!


Chloe said...

Emma! Your blog is so cute! I totally added you as my friend!

rachel schlappi said...

wow i love love love you AND your blog. you are my friend nowww!!! haha :)