This is Where I want to Be

LinkSo we're starting Temple Week tomorrow in Seminary and I cannot wait. I love the temple so very much and am so excited to have the entire week to really focus in on all that it means to me.

I always imagine that day five years down the road when I will come out utterly happy because I've just been sealed to my very best friend for time and all eternity. I don't even think I can capture the happiness that moment will bring to me. :) Can somebody please buy me a time machine so I can just fast forward to that moment already? Thanks. :) But seriously, I love it so very much.

If you're totally confused about this post you should watch this
{MOVIE} and even if you do know what I'm talking about, you should watch it cause it's really amazing. And did you know the church has a youtube channel?? It's pretty sweet! And all the movies on there are so very well done. Check it out. :) As for now, I'm signing off. In the words of B.Hall "Have a wonderful and RIGHTEOUS day!" :)
Love Always,

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Chloe said...

Well Emma, first of all, I love to read your blog because everything you say is so cute and sweet! Second, because I love your pictures and little quotes! And lastly, because I love you!! :)