And then you say {OH SNAP!}

Ever have one of those moments where you laugh and the go... oh snap! That's a problem! well moment like that just happened.... oh goodness....

Anyways, so tonight was a fabulous night and actually a very very good day all together! Did chores in the morning and washed Roxanne but didn't get to vacuum her. :( But washing is always good. :) Then cleaned bathrooms and floors and then got all my homework done by six!! I was so very happy! Also, winter formal is booking along and I'm soooo very excited.

After homework Mr. R came over and we set up things for the pictionary battle I was having at my house. Friends showed up and we played some pictionary then some taboo and Fitz ate pretty much ALL the popcorn, good thing I still love her tons! Then we watched this movie:
Which I just absolutely love! Seriously boys, take note: that song "How Does She Know?" is {seriously} what we would like! :) Just helping you out guys! This movie makes me so very happy and I've decided that I'm pretty much positive Gisel and I have the exact same brain track.. like no joke, we have the same brain, totally focused on super romantic perfectness. :) hm... I'm very content with life right now and it's not two in the morning and I'm about to head to bed so that just makes things all the better. Plus, tomorrow is Sunday which is by far my favorite day of the week! :) Goodnight to all! Have a wonderful Sunday! :)
Love Always,

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Fitz said...

What am i here for like really? hmm. . . eating! seriously though i went through like 1 and 1/2 and everyone else ate the other half! and good thing i had SUCH a greatly fun time last night! i missed you guys like CRAZY!! love you tons too!!