Brr!!! I know it's winter!

BRRRRR!!!!! It's cooooold here in Utah! And I'm missing all my homies back in my good 'ole Mesa! Well, had I remembered to bring my connector of camera to computer, I would be showing you some delightful pictures of Mr. West's visit to sunny Mesa, however, I forgot, so we will prolong that post till I get home. :(

I suddenly have the biggest urge to watch The Notebook.... :) I have no idea why, but I super want to. :)

Like really really ridicuously bad. Does anyone have any suggestions on wonderful romantic movies for me to watch?! :) I want to see some new ones. :)

I really want to see two Nicholas Sparks movies that are coming out. First is This
Holy.crap. Cannot wait to see this move in February! :) :) The second is this:
Yes, that is Miley Cyrus. Don't be hatin, kay? First off, I LIKE HER! Like a lot. And second off the movie looks amazing!!! If you don't believe me go {here} um wait.. ya, I CANNOT wait to see it. I have no idea when it comes out but it looks fabulous!!!

Also, has anyone heard of this movie?!Watch the preview {here}. Kay, let it just be known, any movie that has Love Story in the preview already has me stolen and a ticket bought!!! LOVE that song. Plus, this movie looks so dang cute and I just love this girl! She's fabulous. She gained my total respect when she wore a one piece in Mama Mia. I'm sure she didn't really have a say in that but I like to believe she did. :) And She's in Dear John so.... :) LOVE!

Anyways, pretty sure I'm just in a romantic mood right now and that sometimes causes problems like oh... staying up and watching Pride&Prejudice. Yup. I think I shall go do that. :) Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! :)

Love Always,


brooke said...

oh my gosh i want to see those movies sooo bad! and i saw the preview of that Letters to Juliet movie and i cannot wait for it!

EmilyJane said...

Emma! oh my gosh how have you been? Thanks for following me on my just still trying to get it started but yours is absolutely amaazing (: and btw, i REALLY want to see All three of those movies too.! I went out and bought the books of The Last Song and Dear John a few weeks ago..and im going to force myself to read them beforee i watch the movies. Nicholas Sparks is theee best author. The Previews are enough to make me tear up. awwh cant waiit! :D And as soon as i saw thiis post, i was like "YAAY theres someone who is just as obsessed and wants to see them juust as bad as i do!!!!" well anyways, keep in touch (: