So, I've learned that it's rather hard to keep up on a blog when you're not at home. Maybe it's because it's also Christmas so I've been spending time with the fam but also I think it may be that being far from home there is no super exciting things to talk about. Or super cute... well, atleast none that I'm willing to broadcast to the whole world. ;)

So Christmas was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I sure hope yours was as well. :) So funny story:

So day after Christmas we decided to go shopping. First off, bad idea, never do it. Ayways, we were driving from Barnes and Nobel {my heaven} to the mall to pick up my mom and brother. The windshield is dirty. Dad sprays the windshield wiper water to clean it. Windshield is now frozen. Dad cannot see. Children laughing in hysterics. Very funny. I love my family.

Now that I am home we have a Mr. West update! So, Mr. West flew in on Friday of last week {the 18th} and Namoi and I went to go pick him up at the airport!

Excitment! Plus Namoi's arm!

Excitment take 2! Plus application of lip gloss?

So funny story before you actually see the pictures of Mr. West! So Namoi and I are standing there at the gates waiting for Mr. West and I kinda have butterflies, ya know? So I'm walking around Namoi {we probably looked like weirdos....} and I was checking my phone cause he said he'd text me when he landed! LIES! haha. Anyways, I'm sitting there and Mr. West totally WALKED PAST ME!!! he didn't even notice me! Rude, isn't it?! Cept it's kinda my fault too cause I didn't see him either but it's funner to blame him. {wow...funner is a word! it's not underlined in red!!!} But anyways, we like both turned at the same time and saw each other so it's all good. Now for the pictures!

Welcome To Arizoma Mr. West!
Take 2 minus the present! {apparently Namoi like take 2s}

So that evening we picked up my brother from the airport and then went out to dinner-yum! Then we came home and watched part of Hannah Montana movie and part of Knight's tale.

The next day was fun fun caroling party! But we kinda were the first people there so we went to the park. :) Here are the last of the pictures! :)
Namoi {sideways} likes to sit on slides! yay!?

I was kinda being a spaz....oh wait. story of my life. :)

I just think he's jealous of how cute and what a poser I am. ;)

He was fighting me about something. But I won, of course. :)

He named this one "she's a spaz" but his look says "I came down to put up with this girl?" to me. And I'm just enjoying being a bother to him. :) Do you know how fun it is to bother boys?!

Wait, what?! We can be normal and cute? oh, ya, we can. :)

He thinks he's really cool....

Namoi and I love each other.... and maybe I cannot be normal.

I really like this one. :)

Got a problem with blurry pictures? well off! :) I like them. :)

And then we went caroling. :) Mucho fun. :) So then Sunday he came to church with me, and then Momo and Jessa came over to make cookies, talk, and listen to Mr. West sing and play the guitar. :) Monday we went over to Mr. Smell Good's house after a visit from my dearest Lizzie. :) And then he went home and we went to Utah. :( But it was a rather wonderful time we had together! :) Very fun indeed. :) Welps, I'm tired of writing. This was a monster of a blog post... man oh man. I'm off to deliver Ego Boy's Christmas present. hehe. It's a classic. :) Have a great night! :) Lovies!

Love always,

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