"I'm excited..."

{this has nothing to do with the post, I just love it to death.}

"I'm excited" will forever more be paired with "I'm playing with my goatee". Just throwing that out there. That was how the conversation between Mr. R and I went when we were waiting for Jesterz to start last weekend and I can't believe I forgot to post it cause it seriously is one of my favorite quotes of ours. :) Other than, "You and Emma seem to be getting cute" or "You were talking to a rock" or all the "Oh dear..." Pretty much, we talk exactly the same and it's almost scary...but not quite. :) So that was randomness from me. :) Onto recent events!

Mr. West got in yesterday at 4 p.m! So fun! He almost passed right by Namoi and I though at the airport! I was talking to Namoi and he was walking then we both saw each other at the exact same time and he gave me the biggest hug ever. :) I have pictures but I may hold out and post them all at the same time.You may hate me for it, but I'm over it. :)

It was also my OCD brother's birthday Thursday, he is the very best ever. :) I seriously love him to death. :)

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend thus far, I know I am. :) Many loves to you :)

Love Always,

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alex said...

hahaha that first picture reminds me of my jill and connor