Mrs. Bass!!!!

So, I got a Christmas card from my elementary ELP eacher and almost died of the happiness and memories that hit me like a sledge hammer. :) then, I looked her up on FB and she has a FB!!!! So I added her. :) YAY for the best teachers in the world!!!!!

In other news, Mr. West is coming in less then 48 hours and seriously... I may fail my finals I'm so excited.... it's a problem! But not really cause I can't wait to spend time with my best friend!

Also, chemistry party with Mr. R tonight! Rather fun and I actually studied! AMAZING!

And then there is this funny picture that made my day:
And this one that I just love:
And this one that just looks like the pure joy I feel right now:

Forget that it's finals week! Life is grand and I love it TO.DEATH. :) Ah life, the joy you bring to me. :) I hope everyone's stress isn't terrible and that perhaps you can find joy and happiness in this week somehow... I know it's possible. :) All my lovies and best wishes on your tests. :)

Love Always,

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