So, a fabulous, and jam-packed, weekend! Loved it! So, the weekend started out with a birthday date with Ego Boy. To start the night off, he took me to his favorite resturaunt, Cracker Barrel. He love is, like the very veyr best. Have to admit, it wasn't as bad as my parents said it was! They were kinda freaking out when they found out it was his favorite resturaunt cause they do not like it. haha. But I had fun. :) Picture time! :)

Oh, so story, a few nights before he took me out I told him I was really excited cause I was going to wear my new Blue Dress with my cowboy boots. :) {love this outfit, btw} So, he was all, "Okay! I'll wear my blue shirt so we match!" He's a dork... As you can tell by the above picture of him in the rocking chair.... The Children's rocking chair.

He tried to teach me how to play checkers....This is me eagerly waiting to learn. Take note, I am playing the red pieces.

This is how good of a teacher he is. :) I lost, totally. I STINK at checkers!

I was pouting cause he took all my great red pieces and I only took one of his ugly black pieces.... It's sad. Except I can't pout without smiling...hehe

Next he took me to Golden Spoon! Seriously, we saw like 15 people that I knew there....haha
We made the yogurt into a heart shape , we're so cute, right?


So, it was very fun! Oh, he picked me up in his mom's Mazda convertible which was a super huge surprise cause she never lets him drive it! But she loves me. :) hehe After we went to his house and I got to look at all his baby pictures cause it was my birthday. :) Then we played Scrabble and he BEAT ME! I was sooooo mad at him! He's Dislexic for pete's sake! But then we played speed scrabble and I totally kicked his butt! bahaha! oh the sweet taste of revenge. :) I had so much fun with him and it was great to be with my best friend again! Yay for best friends!

So, Saturday morning we had out stuco christmas party! So very much fun! Gotta love the stuca family! :) Oh, and I found out the Scottinator has a boyfriend!!! {WHAT THE?!} Anyways, then at one Mr. R came and picked me up for his turn at the birthday date! :) It was eleven hours long, so fun! In the words of Mr. R, "I love knowing that it's six o'clock and I still have six more hours with you." :) So, first we hiked to the wind caves which.... were not windy! Ya, I know, weird! I had never hiked there before though and it was super fun! :)

Top o' the mountain!

I'm not really sure.... I saw a hole and told him to stick his head through... so he did! haha

We look like Angels...hehe. I love it. :) Yay for self-timer!

Why who'da thunk?! We reached the windcaves! Thanks for letting us know, Mr. Sign!

Mr. R: "Oh the things that I do for you..." :)

Oh dear, breaking the law....

This way to happiness! :)

This way to Mr. R?

This is called sneak-picture-from-the-other-side-of-Wayne. :)

Next was bow-and-arrow shooting! I surprised Mr. R with my pro skills from Girl's Camp, but he won the the number one archer award! He shot his recurve bow 55 yards when normally it's only supposed to go like 35! He's pro status, nbd.

This is at the 45 yard maker which we thought was pro, but then he kept going and got it in the target at the 55 mark!

Next was In-n-Out dinner, then a surprise Boat Parade thingy at Tempe Town Lake that was pretty legit! All these boats with lights all over them and an UP boat that was by far our favorite. :)
Mr. R likes to bite things.... On the hike he bit my finger after I had him smell my new yummy lotion and he said, "I'm probably the only person who will ever be able to testify that your lotion smells good, but doesn't taste yummy." hahaha.

After, the big surprise was he took me to Jesterz! Now, if you have never been, and you're in the Mesa/Scottsdale area, it's a MUST go to sort of thing. It's a comedy club that's run by Mormons and has the funniest SUPER CLEAN acts! LIke, you don't even know! My face was hurting sooo bad from laughing! Oh man, the best. :)

Lastly, we returned to his house to watch the movie of my choice. :) So we watched A Little Princess. :) Love that movie! It's the greatest! :) Then he took me home! It was such a fun Birthday date and I was very surprised by the Jesterz part of it and just loved it tons! :)

I hope your weekend was fabulous and that you're getting ready for Christmas! {and finals...ick} But the Christmas spirit is strong down here in Mesa, and I love it! Plus, Mr. West is coming in FIVE DAYS!!!!! :) He comes in Friday at 4 p.m. and I could not be more excited!!! YAY! :) Have a wonderful week! And remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. :)

Love Always,


Emily Sue said...

so many things about this post that i loved!!! first of all both those boys are super attractive and i love their date ideas! second miss scott has a boyfriend!?!?!? whaa!?!?!!? crazy!! i love that woman so much! seriously. i know she's mean to stuco people but, i love her. third, you look sooo cute in all your pictures! i just love your blog so i always comment!!

Katelin said...

so cute! hope your birthday was as awesome as it sounded! :) BTW..the first pick of you guys at the top of the mountain is my fave..the end. :)