Sweet, or weird? Or a grand combination?

Lately I've been saying some very weird things...
"If I were with you, I'd share my hot chocolate with you"
"I don't love your guts, but I'd eat your intestines"
"What is 'it's okay' without vowels? schk?" {then I try saying it different ways}

That's just weird and random things that make me smile at good times. :) Pretty much, we have holiday dinners for choir this week and it's consuming my life in a kinda best way possible. Our first night was last night, and it was fabulous. Namoi and I had a heart to heart while we waited for our turn, and then we advised JLS on how to tell a girl you like her. We got him straight about it'd be MUCH better to taker her out on a date rather than jusut hang out. Hopefully he takes our advice. We also decided that a boy should NEVER tell a girl "I want to die" cause she doesn't like him anymore. ya, NEVER.

I'm loving Matt Nathanson tons and tons right now! Especially his song "Princess" and "Wedding Dress" SOOOOOO cute. :) And, I really am diggin the song "She is Love" by Parachute. But Matt Nathanson is amazing, major music crush as of now. He and Keith Urban. Boom roasted! He's AMAZING! Not to mention smokin hott!

So pretty much, I have the best Young Women's leaders EVER. Nobody can beat them, ever! All three of our laurel leaders came to our first Holiday Dinner last night, and then our YW president just dropped off yummy yummy yougurt and this adorable notepad for my birthday! Yup, they're the best, be jealous. :)

Well, I'm off to sing my heart out, have a wonderful night. :)

Love always,

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