I {Should} be Sleeping

But should is a relative term, right? Anyways, I'm sitting here listening to the Pride&Prejudice soundtrack. And I am content. :) I should be doing my spanish homework or studying for my AP Chemistry test but....That can wait till tomorrow. :) Anyways, I found another blog that I adore that Emily told me about. Pretty much love. Go {here} to fall in love with me. :)  My family ventured to the movies once again for family night and we saw Sherlock Holmes. Call me a dork, but it totally intrigued me because it's ALL based on chemistry! Ya, I'm a nerd. :) But Jude Law was AWESOME. :)

Yup, he was very dashing in the movie! An excellent movie that I highly recommend. :) There was this movie preview that srsly made me cry, it's for the movie titled Extraordinary Measures and it looks fabmaximum. :) Also, funny quote of the day from Ms. Cali, "Let's stop being nerds for a second and go look at the presidents." hahah. Oh dear. :) Here comes my happiness in the form of pictures:
Oh Frabgous day. :)
{that's a mix of Fabulous and Gorgeous btws}
I love my bestie Morgan. :)
My life is content at the moment. :)

Love Always,


Andy & Lauren said...

i am definitely PRO- blog stalking.
and thank you so much!
you look like a fun girl.
: )

Emily Sue said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! this is a happy post that makes me happy! i updated mine finally! bah!!! i love you mucho!!

rachel schlappi said...

i love you! and your pictures. where on earth do you find them?? because they are super cute. super.