Update {part 2}

and yes, this post will have randomly inserted pictures. :)

Okay, a few random things before I start the update.
1. I'm in love with Busy Bee Lauren's missionary to husband story! SOOO cute. :)
2. I'm now officially obsessed with the inside out french braids. Ya know the ones where the braid is on top instead of it being smooth? Ya, LOVE. {and I'm having a hard time spelling braid. I keep wanting to spell it beraid cause that's how I say it.... I know, I'm a freak}
3.  I love my camera! too bad I never use it... I really do love it.
4. My snuggie is my number one best thing EVER!
5. I'm disposing of nicknames on my blog. I'm sick of 'em. So, in the same manner of facebook, I'm never using them again. {yes, I DID delete my facebook! I loath facebook. I don't even know why, I just do! It's gone forever and I'm never getting back on it EVER! This is why I have my blog :)}  And if you have a problem with the ending of nicknames...don't tell me. Cause it's my blog so I will do what I want! bahaha! The power. :)

So onto the update! Last night the mighty Toro soccer team defeated Dobson in a super ridic crazy intense game! Yup, It was the sickest thing evah! Here's the dlrq {which stands for down low, real quick. just fyi. :)} So, the refs were GAY. And the game ended at one to one. Overtime numero uno. Intense. ends one to one. Overtime 2. even more intense. Ends one to one. So... they go into pks {which I actually don't know how to spell so I just put a p and a k cause that's what it sounds like!} Like seriously, soooo crazy. I don't remember how many each team made in but finally, the AMAZING kepper that we have, Jared, like Supermans it up and catches their kick! HOLY.CRAP. so cool! Needless to say, pretty much the best game I've seen so far. Love! Here's a pic:

Ya, I dunno what I'm trying to say with my expression there... moooving on!

Then Jordynn and I went to ask this Mesa dude to Mesa's winter formal which was tonight! Exciting! and then we went and asked Aaron to Sadie's! {he's my date! sooo very excited!} And guess what? I decided to love my camera and take pics. Enjoy. :)

This is Jordynn and the front of his car.
Up Close and personal. :)
I know, I'm cute. :)
Jordynn helping plaster sticky notes all over the rest of the car. Yup, we're pro askers.

Then we partied it up at Zack's house and Jordynn totally owned everyone  at poker. She was prostatus!

Tonight was date with Ry! So very fun! We doubled with Chris and Rihanne and climbed to the hole in the rock at Papago Park. It was super cool cause it was dark so the city was all bright and beautiful :) Oh how I love Phoenix. :) Then Ryan decided to be a model and this is what we ended up with....

Oh me oh my. That's Ryan for you!  After that we went to Zoo Lights and had a fantastic time! We people watched for a bit and Ryan supplied the conversation between all the awkward couples we saw. soooo very funny. All in all a superfab date. :) Here are some more pictures cause I know you love 'em!

Ya, sorry about the two sideways pictures this post....I was done with photoshop for the night and didn't want to turn them. :) We went to the park after Zoo lights and Ryan started teasing me about Aliens cause we saw an airplane come in and it kinda looked like a UFO. Leme tell ya, sooo not.appreciated. I detest aliens becuase they scare the livin bejibbers out of me! Like seriously, Morg and Jess forced me to watch Signs one summer and I think I cried/peed my pants/didn't sleep well for a week. It's not like I believe in Aliens, they're just creepy creppy nastytastic and I prefer not to think about them. Ever. Thankfully he stopped because he's nice and I was about to cry. Not kidding.

This is definitely a Ryan saying...hehe

When I got home somebody had attacked my car with car paint and I felt loved. Thank you kind stranger, I now officially love you! If you tell me who you are I will probably bring you cookies tomorrow! yay!

So, that's it! :) I decided upon a new goal tonight but.... I don't think I want the entire world to know about it. :) Love you All!

Love Always,

p.s. Love these...


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rachel schlappi said...

you're super cute and i love that you love soccer. and i love that you are getting rid of the nicknames because i never know who you are talking about!! haha but its all good.
and and i love you.
thats all