I think NOT.

Okay, see this beauty?

Meet Buzz. He's mine {for the time being}. Yes, he's a mustang convertible. Yes he's red. YES he can go over 100 mph! Does that mean I go criminal speed....
I think NOT.
You see, in order to not pay the fee of like $300 plus dollars, I maintain the speed limit in my beautiful, shiny, red mustnag named Buzz. I say this because everyone seems to want to make me a criminal speeder. Yes, I already have a rather bad speeding problem that I'm blaming Ryan for {His  New Years' goal is to not go over 60 on the surface streets} But let's not encourage that, capiche?
Also, I will not being going ninety on the surface streetes EVER
**coughcough ALICIA**
However, if you would like some lessons in the area of stick shift, give me a call and I'll take you out to Lehi Road and teach you. :) Then maybe, just maybe we can go speedy quick. :)

In other news, here are some Utah pictures with short captions! aka summary time! :)

"Really, why are you taking our picture? It's eight in the morning."
Group: "YAY! skiing!"
Lindsey&Emma: "YAY! cute boys!!!"
Everybody, do the moonboot. :)
"Hi, I'm Becca and I'm pro at life. NBD. Idolize me." :)
{p.s I love her and she's not conceited at all! :)}
Stunt Devil Alex goes in for the kill...The kill of the jump...
"The snow is my friend!"
Lane: Take this Aaron!
Aaron: I'm sorry I stole you snow block! ...ouch.
"Why do I always submit to such tortures? I thought you guys were my friends!"

"I don't know what you're saying Josh, I find it relaxful!"

More of today's adventures to come!
Love Always,


The Boob Nazi said...

I got my convertible when I was 16. I remember those first days of having. Sigh.

Emily Sue said...

oh my gosh!! this is amazing!! love it!!! love that car too!

Annie said...

Oh Emma you are so cute. Your blog brings me great happiness!