In Love with Love

Is it a bad thing to be in love with love? Cause I've decided today that I most certainly am! I've just decided that love is the best thing in the world! I makes the world better because when you love, you can't possibly hate, so all the hate just goes away and you're left with love. Which in my equation of life love=happinnes=success. So in the end. Love=Success. I love the idea of having somebody who cares for you no matter what, whether that be a best friend, parent, or that 'special someone'. So yup, I'm in love with love, and all the amazingness that comes along with it.

I especially love best friend love, because there is nothing like it. There's the love/hate best friend love which is sooo obnoxious at times that you just want to slap your best friend but then the friend is always there for you. And you don't understand why either of you put up with each other but then one of those moments comes along and you totally know why you're best friends.

Then there's the quite best friend love that when you talk to people they had no idea you two were best friends. That's good because it's like a secret friendship. And people may question the friendship, but you know your best friend is always there for you when you have no idea what you're doing on this crazy thing called life.

Then, of course, you must have the yelling and screaming and crying best friend love! haha. Ya know that friend that you must scream their name every time you see. The one that you turn to when the world is upside down and you really are hating everything that involves anything and you just want to cuddle up and cry as you watch 'A Walk to Remember' wishing you had your own Landon.
And you rant and rant and rant to them and they still love you!

It's amazing how many different forms of love there is. And this is only about 1/800ths of the best friend love! There's so many other categories! But nonetheless, I LOVE all the love so much! Nothing beats it! :)


Love Always,

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Emily Sue said...

i think love means happiness so i love love too!! and i love that awkward picture!!! soo freaking cute! i may steal it! don't be mad?