Pie Bandits

So, Fitz and I are Pie Bandits. aka the most hardcore friends/people/awesomeness you will ever meet. To prove it to you... look....

So I look like a feak but that's not new, right? I know you want to hear the story behind our banditness so here it goes....

One day, let's say...November 13th 2009 to be exact...The Pie Bandits were supposed to go to the last home football game. Now, I love the Toros with all my heart but after going to like fiftenn BAJILLION games and being ditched by my friends every Friday night, I was sick of em! So Pie Bandits went to Taco Bell, YUM. Then the park to 'vent', YAY. And then....we didn't know what to do. This is when we became the Pie Bandits. So it probably went something like this...
F: "Well what do we do now?"
E: "I dunno...something crazy. Let's doorbell ditch people."
F: "And leave them something!"
F:"Shoes?Sticks?You?" {totally made that part up. she didn't say any of those}
E:"how about....PIE!!!! Everyone loves pie!"

Enter Walmart and head to frozen food section.... Wait! STOP! GIMPY AND LIL SIS!!!! HIDE!!! Run to Hannah Montana clothing section (really? i love you, but you can't design cloths...just stop, how white trash do you want to be? Really? It's WALMART!) Giggling...did they see us? arn't we funny? why are we hiding?
Scary Asian Walmart Lady: "Young Ladies! This is not a playground! You can either make your purchase or get out!"

SCARY!!! Let's go! Pie section.... hm... so many choices. Oh! Mini Key Lime pie!
E:" Mini Key Lime or big key lime?"
F:"Mini, then we can give it to more people."
E:"Good thing you're smart! Let's go!"

And here the first purchase of our career:

Yes, we're cool. So we delivered as follows:
Rule Boy
Flirt Boy
Mr. R
Rule Boy
Here is our proof: Sorry, I'm a terrible photographer when I'm preparing for the get away...


 Then we really didn't know what to do...So we joined Rule Boy's party. And when we got there we heard serioulsy like 3 massive teenage boys sprint to the door to see if it was the pie people again! bahahahahahaha. The look on their face to see it was just us was the best! Then they told us the story of how somebody dropped off pie at their house and then like 15 minutes later dropped off another one that had a sticky note on it that said, "Rule Boy! Have fun at your party!" (haha. We wrote it with our left hand). We pretended like we had no idea what they were talking about and it pretty much made my life.

Pie Bandits Forever!
(crap...now it's out...oh well!)

Love Always,

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