New Year! New Year! Happy day! :) So, my new years eve was FAB to the max! I rang in the New Year with Mr. R's family, where his sister announced she was preggers, his grandpa decided I was a really good cheater at cards, and I kicked everyone's trash in the first round of Scum! BOOHYA! I, of course, did not document the night.... That's just how I roll, kay? Don't judge.

Around 1 am I came home, hopped in my cupcake pjs and headed to Cuc's for breakfast and sleepover! Cuc, Lizzie and I talked till like three and then Lizzie left the big bed and Cuc and I talked for an hour, during which, Lizzie talked in her sleep. It really was rather entertaining. :) Gotta love sleepovers. :) Especially when I ask stupid/embaressing questions...Like the one having to do with the picture....

ya...um... moving on. :)

So, I really am loving break and dreading that it's almost over. But then I realized!
#1. I'm a senior in 5 months!!! BAHH!!!
#2. I freaking LOVE summer and can't wait for it!
#3. School is actually pretty fun(call me crazy)it's just the work but I'm NOT going to procrastinate AT ALL! I've been doing pretty good at it thus far, let's just keep trekin!
#4. I realized I have to turn 18 this year...which has nothing to do with the break and school, it's just weird.
#5. I don't have a number five...it's 6:43 though!

Oh how I miss summer....Well, I hope you've had a fabulous New Years! Make it a good one! :)

Love Always,

I want to sit in a box...anybody have a box they'd lend me?:)


The Boob Nazi said...

Wow. A senior in high school. I feel so ancient.... I remember that time though. It was so exciting!

emmakaren said...

Junior currently. but counting down the days till senior. :) It's the best! p.s. thanks for not being a creepy silent stalker!